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Turism 4.0

When technology shapes the future of our Cultural Heritage!

Tourism 4.0 is a new paradigm that adapts the concepts of Industry 4.0 to the tourism sector by introducing new business models supported by technology such as IoT, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR and AR.

Intelligentia is available to support Cultural Entities by enabling new opportunities to make the use of the budget for restoration activities more efficient in order to make the monuments more open and open to the public. To achieve this goal, we promote the adoption of the best practices of Industry 4.0 for Cultural Heritage fruition and preservation.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Real-time health monitoring and alarm dispatching

Intelligentia loves the culture. This is why we have decided to push the adoption of smart sensors, IoT, and advanced Cloud platforms to fit the specific needs of Cultural Herigate Preservation.

Thanks to Intelligentia and our private cloud infrastructures it is possible to collect, analyze, measure and predict any type of relevant event related to the conservation of our cultural sites.

Our will is to help Cultural Entities to allocate the right operation at the right time and thus preserve their budget to increase the number of cultural sites to be protected.

Rural Monument

Cultural Heritage Fruition

Unattended monitoring and smart opening system

Intelligentia is located in Italy and we know that there are cultural treasures located everywhere even in remote areas and small towns. Very often these places are too far from the tourist routes and therefore unfortunately most of them are closed or open on request.

Behind the scene there is a verticalization of our customized inFactory Suite Platform to send commands from the cloud to specific gateways and actuators to open the doors of visitable buildings and than orchestrate multimedia players, projectors, speakers to provide the most immersive and innovative Art Fruition concept you have ever seen.

IoT, Cloud, and Preventive Conservation

Using a set of dedicated hardware (sensors, gateways) and software solutions Intelligentia developed a complete infrastructure to collect, analyze, measure and predict conservation issues in Preventive Conservation.

Chiese a Porte Aperte (Open Door Churches)

A fully customized, interconnected, and operative ecosystem for allowing the visit of dozen of monuments in the Piemonte Region thanks to ``Chiese A Porte Aperte`` App and a self-service web portal.

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