Sw Hw Selection

Software & Hardware selection

We help you select the best things for your scenario

Our mission aims to transfer the latest methodologies and technologies into the real Market for industrial application. We know that every problem has thousands of alternative promising solutions and we are ready to support you in choosing the best that fits your needs.

You can find in Intelligentia the right partner to ask what is better for your case for both software and hardware solutions. From chip selection, to support in designing your own electronic board, firmware, integration modules, software infrastructures.

Everything you need to evaluate a make-or-buy strategy is available thanks to the experience our team has gained over decades of work experience.

Dedicated support on-site

Methodological and Technological support for your projects

Sometimes you need just an help in addressing your project on the right path. In Intelligentia we are very happy to support you in your challenge directly at your own premise. We can contribute from the electronics design, to the right cloud to adopt, to the validation and verification of complex Cyber Physical Systems.

Our team is actively supporting dozen of customers in developing their own project with a focus in promoting and supporting on start-ups and SMEs that are scaling-up.

We are used to cover the complete EU Market with dedicated consultancy service and with a special focus. We are used to promote also time and material consultancy in the German Market via Intelligentia Consultech GmbH.


Customization Service

Everything we create is fully adaptable to your needs.

Starting from our industrial experience and looking at our heritage, we are used to creating and promoting platforms and prototypes that can be easily verticalized into a final solution for the specific customer.

It means that all the solutions developed and promoted by Intelligentia companies are fully customizable and re-usable as cornerstone in your project. Well consolidated, well tested, matured, and industrially valid components are a valuable asset to your design.

Such technological components can be licensed with different schemas. Let’s get in touch with one of our representatives by contacting us.

Critical Software V&V

software Verification & Validation for mission critical systems is one of the jobs we are used to doing. In general, you can find the right skills in Intelligentia to support your test campaign at all levels.

Full custom electronic design

The Industrial IoT requires the adoption and the design of very specific sensors and actuators to plug into the real systems under observation. Thanks to our experience you can have your specific product designed and prototyped by us.

Let us improve your business!