Intelligentia Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Everything you need for facing the challenge is in our portfolio.

A study by Boston Consulting shows that the fourth industrial revolution is all about the adoption of some technologies defined as enabling; some of these are “old” acquaintances. Today thanks to the interconnection and collaboration between systems, the global market landscape is changing
leading to mass customization and becoming of interest to the entire manufacturing sector.

To face the challenge technologies and methodologies like Cloud, IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence have been introduced in the artifacts we produce. Everything you need for Industry 4.0 is in our skills portfolio!

We can be your partner for the digital transformation of your company!

Smart Factory & Interconnected Post-sell

From production scheduling to predictive maintenance.

Thanks to the experience gained in our Industrial Group, we are able to promote solutions aimed at implement a Smart Factory: information systems to enrich your ERP, MRP-2 scheduling tools, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), Artificial Intelligence applied to industrial processes, Business Intelligence, customer portals.

Using new technologies we are supporting customers in the implementation of interconnected after-sales activities thanks to cloud control rooms for the machines installed all over the world and connected via IoT data links (eg NB-IoT, LTE, 4G). In this way you can create smart contracts for servitization, maintenance contracts, predictive maintenance.

Several of these results have been packed up in a generalized product ready for sell: inFactory Suite.

Smart Factory

System Integration

We know you need flexible solutions to fit your scenario.

To respond to the continuous evolution of the market, companies increasingly need Infrastructures IT and flexible, responsive and secure solutions.

We are used to integrating with external software applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, MES) and provide the customer with the part of functionality that is missing in his environment;  if you have a lecacy ERP and you need to extend its functionalities, we can help.

If you need to monitor the status of your workshop in real time on your smartphone, or keep track of your production KPIs and plan thousands of production batches in one click, we are the right choice!

inFactory Suite

A complete suite of applications for Industrial machineries monitoring, production scheduling and optimization, quality control. All you need to start your journey into the future of Industry 4.0 for your ecosystem.


A mobile App for Android and iOS devices integrated with a set of web based tools aimed at organizing and digitalizing tasks scheduling, security checks, and timesheets computation and reporting for workers who work on the go.

Industrial HMI

The Innovation that looks good and easy.

We are able to provide innovative HMI for the most common industrial scenarios on ARM, x86, x64 architecture. We are used to promote the use of innovative integrations of open-source components to design HMI that are as easy and friendly as your smartphone App interfaces.

High compatibility, high quality, high performances, designed for touch, ideal for integrated solutions where local Edge computation and remote Cloud heavy computation have to work together to give the right answer to human production problems.

Industrial HMI
Tailored information system

Enterprise Information Systems

Tailored web and mobile solutions whatever you need.

We develop customized web apps fully integrated with Third Party enterprise software (e.g. ERP, CRM, accounting applications). Your company needs specific and tailored solutions, business oriented, integrable via web-services with external tools and applications, easily integrable with mobile APPs running on the most common smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows).Your web application will have the same user-experience of a Desktop application adopting latest technologies and frameworks: Drag & Drop, Modals, Dynamic Updates, Push content, simultaneous editing of online documents, cool effects, calendars, graphics, etc. ..

B-Safe HMI

A modern, robust and flexible industrial HMI based on our HTML framework that runs on embedded devices for near real-time industrial data visualization of IoT data source.

Web Portals

Digitalize your business and offer dedicated tools for each specific interaction with your customers, partners, employees. We offer you customized, modern and secure web apps for your specific needs.

Smart Sensors & IoT Objects

If you miss a phenomenon, we create the right observer!

Industrial manufacturing is facing increasingly complex requirements to meet the need for flexibility and mass customization in manufacturing. In this scenario the industrial IoT is becoming more and more important to monitor how activities are performed.

In the most challenging scenarios, the information gathered from machinery and from a reliable source of data must be enriched with other heterogeneous sources that represent the environmental conditions that can indirectly influence the production process.

At Intelligentia we have the capability to design, prototype and produce the most specific sensors and devices to capture the information you are looking for. These components can be than integrated with industrial busses or even be part of an Industrial IoT ecosystem;  if you miss such an ecosystem, you may ask Intelligentia to provide one!

B-Safe Sensor
Electronic boards

Custom Integrated Boards

Edge computers, Controllers & Actuators, custom Boards.

In complex environments there are needs for specific instruments able to solve production or integration challenges. COTS components can offer valid workarounds, but for the best result you need a dedicated solution. Intelligentia can help you!

From local computations boards, to IoT gateways, COTS integrations, specific electronics designs. From motor controlling algorithms, to actuators, non destructive test benches, radio receiver and beacons, and more.

HT Sensor

Low frequency radio smart sensor used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the air and a specific temperature of the surface point. Built in compliance with specific requirements for the preventive conservation of historic assets.

Vortest (Eddy current)

The state of the art in non-destructive testing (NDT) materials analysis for a variety of sheet metal tests, including cracks, porosity, sheet thickness, metal conductivity, undercoat corrosion and heat treatment quality.

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