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We do software. Benevento, Italy.


Intelligentia was born as the result of the collaboration between Balance Systems Srl and University of Sannio, an important research center in the heart of Campania Region in Southern Italy. Balance Systems is a manufacturing company operating since 1975 in the production of balancing machines and auxiliary systems for process control.

Intelligentia has been listed as Innovative Start-Up with respect of the Italian Law (art. 25, comma II, D.L. 18 October 2012, n.179) till December 2015. Since 2016 the company il listed as Innovative SME with respect of the Italian Law (D.L. 3/2015) in the Italian Business Registry.


The push to sprout Intelligentia was born from the enthusiasm for innovation and the desire to offer solutions to the industrial market using the most advanced technologies and methodologies indentified by the Academic Research. All mixed with the healthy enthusiasm of a young, competent, motivated and highly specialized group of professionals.

The Vision we share looks at the evolution of the technologies, that day by day can improve efficiency and can be an enabling factor for business innovation by offering new opportunities in processing, in understanding and managing an ever-increasing amount of data. Technology must dictate the step and lead the industry to further improve its business by giving the opportunity to achieve new and innovative services to its customers. Nowadays challenges requires an always more integrated environment between software and hardware, and the flexibility to quickly adapt designs and requirements to the Market needs. Thus Intelligentia has decided to extend their initial focus on software to the hardware and firmware.


Our Mission is to transfer the latest technologies and methodologies from the Academic and R&D world to the industrial context in all the Sectors were we are engaged. In order to achieve such a goal, Intelligentia invests in internal R&D around 30% of its yearly turnover with the aim to identify new needs, and in developing prototype solutions. The prototypes are used to cut-down the time-to-delivery when a new product shall be created to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers.
We like a sentence used several years ago by a big enterprise to describe Intelligentia: Hardware. Software. Complete!

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Intelligentia S.r.l. – P.IVA 01478090622, REA BN-123659 – Cap. Soc. EUR 10.000,00 i.v.