We, Your next job.

Intelligentia is very pleased to hire young, open and flexible minds people with deep knowledge of their potential, who want to contribute to our mission by actively participating in every phase of the project with the maximum motivation to grow up together.

If you like our vision and you think to be able to contribute to our mission, your career can start or continue here!

You are free to submit your resume or apply directly online for a listed job. You will be contacted as soon as possible and an interview will be scheduled in one of our offices closest to your home.

There are always open position. For detailed applications, we invite you to look inside the portal or to sign up for the Intelligentia’s Jobs Newsletter. Take a look now!

We. Your next job. | Intelligentia - Careers

Are you looking for opportunities?

Don’t wait! Visit our job’s area to find your next job*. And if there are not open positions, send your CV and candidate yourself for the next opportunities.
* Only for enthusiasts!
For the definition of the tasks, competences and career path, Intelligentia is following the European e-Competence Framework, in order to use a clear, standard and widely adopted way to describe the task/competences required for a particular application. You can find the proper code under the header text.