Intelligentia Consultech GmbH

We do consultancy. Kornwestheim, Germany


Intelligentia Consultech GmbH is born as a SME in the German market and has been acquired by Intelligentia Srl because of the willing to promote technology and solutions in the wider industrial market in EU represented by Germany.

The initial strategy of the company has been focused in building-up a sales team for promoting innovation throughout Germany but also in setting-up a Team with compentences trasveral to the main company and useful to offer our customers the best personnel for consultancy.

In order to offer our customers the best service in terms also of contractual value, Intelligentia Consultech has requested and obtained a ANU certification in order to sell man-power directly at customer premise.

With this goal we have offered very specific and valuable competences to major Space programs active in Germany since 2014, and we are still doing it.

Kornwestheim (LB)

Company data

Intelligentia Consultech GmbH – Eintragung Amtsgericht Stuttgart im Handelsregister B 748774 – Grund-oder Stammkapital 25.000,00 EUR