A group of companies focused in developing cutting-edge solutions supporting our customers to innovate.
Hardware and software design, prototyping, industrialization, production. Operative in several industrial contexts.
Our customers look at Intelligentia as a partner for their success. We give to our customers only the best!

Innovative with no compromises since 2010.

Intelligentia is the right partner to innovate your Business.

Our teams are able to support customers in their most demanding/challenging projects: from the design and prototyping of electronic boards to IoT architecture, from optimized embedded software to cloud architectures for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, from smart sensors to mobile apps and information integrated into the systems.

Intelligentia can help your company to adopt and develop cutting-edge solutions. Together we will face all the challenges with professionalism, enthusiasm and motivation. We are ready to support our customers to be successful!

Sectors of interest

A group with a huge industrial heritage!

A big business starts small!

Valuable experiences at your service, whatever you need.

Since 2010 Intelligentia has been working by supporting clients from heterogeneous sectors and markets and investing in the creation of reusable platforms and frameworks to be always ready to face new challenges.

In Aerospace we work with leading European satellite OEMs for the development, verification and validation of on-board software; as subcontractors we deal with the design and prototyping of critical electro-mechanical components for helicopters and civil aircraft.

In Industry we support companies to develop their information systems for the digitalization of processes,
to introduce the technologies that enable Industry 4.0 in their production and to promote IoT scenarios for maintenance and real-time monitoring

And many many other scenarios and solutions have been developed by reusing the frameworks, components, design, ideas developed in other contexts.

High Quality Standards

Intelligentia adopts international quality standards in its normal work to assure a valuable result for the specific customer need.

Leading Experts

Our team is composed by professionals with years of experience, enthusiasts for new technologies, and motivated to help you solve your issues.

Complex Solutions

Intelligentia is able to design and build-up complex solutions integrating software and hardware capabilities in a final valuable result.

Flexibility and Concreteness

All our experiences and competences are at your service via dedicated consultancy and menthoring services, to be optionally served at your place.


Let us help you to improve your business!

Intelligentia is a registered trademark used to refer the following companies and Business Units:

  • Intelligentia Srl,
  • Intelligentia Electronics Srl,
  • Intelligentia Consultech GmbH.

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