About Us


We like to be agile!

Intelligentia adopts in developing projects Agile methodology in order to increase performance and provide to the customer a complete transparency of the activities performed.


Years of experience

Solid industrial background is in our operational and project management activities. Intelligentia is the result of years of work and passion in research & development in manufacturing contexts.


We use smart solutions!

We use the best known and most advanced technologies in order to create cutting-edge solutions for our customers and for your Business.

Intelligentia was born as the result of the collaboration between Balance Systems Srl, a company operating in the manufacturing sector in the production of balancing machines and grinding systems for almost 40 years, and University of Sannio, an important research center in the heart of Campania region in Southern Italy.

Since 2013, Intelligentia is officially listed as an Innovative START-UP with respect of the Italian Law (art. 25, comma II, D.L. 18 October 2012, n.179).

The push to sprout Intelligentia was born from the enthusiasm for innovation and the desire to offer solutions to the industrial market using the most advanced technologies and methodologies identified by the Research. All mixed with the healthy enthusiasm of a young, competent, motivated and highly specialized group of professionals.

The Vision we share looks at the evolution of the technologies, that day by day are improving performance and efficiency providing new opportunities in elaborating, understanding and managing an incredible quantity of data. All of these information, properly elaborated, can be used by the Industry for improving even more their Business in terms of production efficiency, information management and new services to the customers.

Our Mission is to transfer the latest technologies and methodologies from the Academic and R&D world to the Industrial context. In order to do this Intelligentia invests in internal R&D aimed at identify new needs and in developing prototype solutions that will result in a reduction of the time-to-delivery when a new product shall be created for satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers.

We are focused in moving your Business to the next level: more interconnected, more secure, more intelligent, more efficient!

At the base of the success of this initiative, there are technical and organizational skills as well as intellectual abilities of the different partners involved. All these united with our passion, contribute to make Intelligentia a pleasant place to work. The proximity to the University opens the possibility to access the most advanced technologies and methodologies but the best minds that may be involved from the outset in both research and prototyping activities.

For us “start-up” means looking forward and far away facing with passion and professionalism all the problems our customers will present to us. With the declared goal to bring their Business to the next level of innovation!

More Intelligentia in your world!

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Benevento (HQ)

Campania, Italy

Intelligentia S.r.l.

Via Del Pomerio 7, 82100 Benevento, Italy
P.IVA 01478090622
PEC: intelligentia@pec.it
Legal office and Headquartier

+39 0824 1774728

+39 0824 1811080

Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00


Lombardia, Italy

Intelligentia S.r.l.

Via Ruffilli 8/10, 20060 Pessano Con Bornago (MI), Italy
P.IVA 01478090622
Secondary office

Mon-Fri 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30


Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Intelligentia ConsulTech GmBH

Albert Einstein straße 2, 70806 Kornwestheim, Germany
VAT DE295136734
Legal Office in Germany

+49 (0)152 18529228

+49 (0)7154 81604-40

Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00

Join Us

Only for enthusiasts

We are looking forward to recruit new enthusiastic personnel to involve in our mission. If you like our work or our principles, and you feel that you will be able to contribute to our mission, you are welcome to submit your resume or apply directly for a listed job opportunity. Take a look to jobs.intelligentia.eu.