Web development is never trivial. Intelligentia is the right partner for your projects because we love to work with web technologies and we are always ready to measure our skill with new challenging projects.

Our team of experts and certificated personell can be your trusted partner in developing any kind of application: from a basic web-site, to your super customized information system!

Our approach is to use cutting-edge technologies respecting the most adopted and widely accepted techniques for an exciting User Experience.

The web is becoming the most important stage for your business. Be prepared! With Intelligentia you will bring your business to the next level!

Web Applications

Your services everywhere

Your customers are important for you in the same way you are important for us! If you are a retailer or a business with a lot of customers, you may need to develop dedicated applications for managing information from and to your customers.

In our experience, we have developed several “customer portals” fully integrated with different types of ERP or accounting applications. Integrations have to be evaluated case by case, but the result is always a new application customer oriented, integrable via web-services with external applications, and that allow easily integrations with native APP running on the most common smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry).

Your web application will look like a standard desktop application thanks to the newest technologies and frameworks: Drag&Drop, Modals, Dinamic updates, push content, online concurrent editing, awesome effects, calendars, charts, etc…

On Premise

We develop an application that you will run on your own server. This is the classical development approach where we simply give you back an executable version of the application that you will be able to setup and run.


Intelligentia can also provide Software as a Service (SaaS) applications hosted in our datacenters. Tipically as a customization of an application we already have developed or in particular cases when you need special maintenance activities and clear Service Level Agreement (SLA).

On Cloud

If you are looking for your application in the cloud, Intelligentia can fulfill your requirement by developing or migrating your application on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.


... because your application needs the best!

For us the best technology is the one that is able to provide confidence to our customers, innovation but stability, advanced functionalities but also an active community working on it. We are looking at this because we trust that a good project is for a long period.

Our approach is to create sartorial code that fully answer to your needs but also that looks at the future with futher integration possibility, with a focus on documentation and code organization in order to simply the maintenance activities and evolution of the code.

Our team is always well prepared and sometimes also officially certified on the selected technology for your project.

Intelligentia is also investing in personnel certification in order to grant to our customers the highest level of professionality they need.


The common Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and integrated with the back-end using Ajax functions.

For legacy reasons or for a specific need, we are also able to work with ActionScript 3, Flash/Flex.


On server side, for Enterprise application we choose Java Enterprise Edition in most of the cases integrated with our cutting-edge ELISA platform. For light applications or applications with a less complex structure, we adopt PHP and related framework to fulfill your needs.


Our team is expert in the usage of commercial and open-source frameworks mainly for PHP applications, that usually are used to address specific security and configuration requirements. On the other side, on particular classes of Enterprise Application we promote our ELISA platform as the most efficient solution for reaching a complete turnkey solution.

Do you have a challenging idea?

We are the right partner that can develop it!