Intelligentia’s Business is mainly focused on three directions: Development, Consultancy, and Vertical Customization of any Intelligentia’s solution and product for specific customer’s need.

In order to be immediately active on customer’s requests, our R&D activities are voted to develop prototypes that we adapt and rework depending on the specific situation. Each customization adopts the basic technology and customize the upper layers specific to the users. We have implemented also a smart technique for release updates that do not depends on the specific solution and that help to preserve the innovativeness of your work also on future releases.

In the context of new products, shortly we will show to the world some of our results.

Regarding the consultancy activities, thanks to our background both industrial than academic, we can provide a wide range of expertise regarding intelligent systems, and software production but we also offer group expertise for electronic & digital design, and mechanic design in automotive context, avionics and aerospace field (with particular reference to the development and testing of real-time on-board software and production of advanced electronic equipment), finance and manufacturing fields.

Regarding the custom development, we are proud of the results obtained working for both Italian than European customers working in the financial, manufacturing and aerospace field.

If you are interested in understanding more about our activities on a specific topic, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to show you the results of our work.

Sectors of interest

Where we are working actively


Intelligentia is working around Europe into Aerospace projects supporting our customers in testing and development activities regarding critical on-board software, ground software, and adoption of operational support tools.

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In the Industrial sector we are mainly focused in the customization of our cutting-edge platorm able to develop in a very efficient and smart way information systems aimed at automate Business operational processes.

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On Financial sector we develop Business Intelligence algorithms and tools supporting decision making activities for operational environments.

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All the solutions we develop are classificable as rich web applications and we can offer the same top competences we use at our internal for developing your custom web application.

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Behind any good solution there are thousands of hours spent in R&D activities. Intelligentia is working actively in developing cutting-edge solutions using the status-of-art of technology.

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