Intelligentia is actively working and investing in Aerospace sector working with one of the most important Satellite OEM in Europe on challenging projects.

The set of competencies that our team is able to offer to our customers range from the software and systems design to the testing of the on-board critical software at unit and integration level until requirement and user acceptance level.

space v-model

On Board Software

Development, Verification and Validation

Our development team is lead by experts with several years of experience in satellite critical on-board software development, such as propulsion system, power systems, Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) real-time procedures, based on real-time operating systems such as RTEMS, VxWorks and Virtuoso, running on Space Qualified CPU such as DSP21020, ERC32, LEON2, LEON3.

Our heritage include also Verification and Validation competences on the complete set of activities defined by the V-Model. It means we can support our customers in activities such as Unit Test of On Board Software, TS Validation for the complete satellite platform, RB Validation and Acceptance Tests.

To achieve the result, we are able to provide the highest degree of proficiency in configuring and using most the used tools in aerospace field (CCS, SCOS 2000, IBM Doors, IBM RTRT, Cantata++, IBM RQM, IBM Rhapsody, IBM RTC).

mtg satellite

Ground Software

EGSE and Ground Station Software

Ground Stations

Regarding software for ground stations, our team has been involved by an important customer in developing a software module addressed to manipulate the coordinate systems of an antenna pointing system and manage the communication to the Antenna Control Unit (ACU). The whole software system, is addressed to follow a launcher during the complete take-off phase to earth orbits.

Another example, is regarding the development of a commutation software module able to collect telemetries received by an IXV module and routing these information to the ground stations registered as listeners, by adopting the Satellite Link Extension (SLE) protocol by ESA.

santa maria delle azzorre station

Electrical Ground Support Equipment

Intelligentia team has the competences to contribute to the full design, implementation and validation of turnkey EGSE systems.

Our approach is to look at the EGSE as a long term investment and so our mission is to adopt COTS components as much as possible in EGSE design and development in order to grant low costs, stable and widely adopted technology and an easy and reusable knowledge directly from the market.

Thanks to the experience of our network of partners, Intelligentia is also able to bring to you advanced experience in custom firmware and electronic boards and devices design and realization.

Our philosophy is to use stable and durable technologies widely known in order to solve any detected problem easily.

Support Tools

When Engineering meets Process Efficiency


Aerospace Integration and Unit Test Organizer
If you need to perform Unit Test campaign on your Space Project, which is the best way to grant a coherent, shared, clear and maintainable approach?

Intelligentia can support you with AIUTO a new software tool to automate the Unit Test design, implementation and life cycle management. The first version of the software is fully compatible with:

– IBM RQM for exporting the Unit Test design as documentation for the test plans;
– IBM RTRT for automatic generation of the projects and pre-compilation of the related PTU scripts;

The tool is fully integrated with SVN to check and trace modification in both source code and Details Design (DD) over multiple software versions.

KPI are available for PM and Team Leaders in dedicated and graphical dashboards.

AIUTO is available under commercial license. You can discover all the details by visiting the Official Webpage.

More information

Here a short list of functionalities. Please visit AIUTO web-page for more detailed information.

  • Web Application
  • On Premise for critical project
  • Pay per use licence (options available)
  • RQM integration for documentation, RTRT projects and PTU pre-compilation, Cantata++ integration
  • C code manager
  • SVN connector (code retrieval)
  • Release process modeled with automatic changelog calculation
  • Multi-user, multi-role, KPI, Workflow oriented for managing concurrent access to resources by users

Intelligentia is using this tool for testing the on-board software of the most challenging space project in Europe at the moment. We can prove you the benefits we are observed during the usage of the tool! Discover more…

TS Validation & RB Validation

TS Validation Procedures Editor is a tool aimed to automate the generation of TS Validation procedures by adopting a graphical approach. The tool integrates a specific module able to process a MIB and decode the TCs and TMs together with their arguments. This will allow users to create a test procedure by simply selecting a defined TC defining the respective arguments.

The editor is able to preserve the coherence of a test after a new MIB release by checking automatically and marking as invalid tests that are affected by a changed TC/TM or if a particular check is considered as not valid anymore.

The tool can generate directly executable files (XML, TCL/uTope) and/or files for documentation activities (Docx, Excel, PDF).

All of these features are offered in a very elegant web application sold on premise or as SaaS accordingly to customer needs.

Contact us for more details about this Tool if you are interested in.

More Information

  • Web Application with WYSIWYG editor with Drag&Drop features
  • On Premise for critical project
  • Per server/Per year licence
  • Input formats: custom MIB files, CSV, XML, MS Excel
  • Output formats: CCS, XML, CSV, MS Excel
  • Test campaign archive
  • Changelog/Diff generation on multiple test campaign versions
  • Test execution automation on remote test workstations with result collection and online report generation and analysis

Planned release Q2 2017!

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